We Know That We Can’t Afford To Compromise On The Quality Of Equipment We Manufacture

The single most important thing at any workplace is safety. The moment each client is made to feel safe and is kept safer from all the potential occupation-related harm; then there is bound to be great success stories to be told within such an institution. As a company that manufactures petrochemical handling equipment, we know that we can’t afford to compromise on the quality of equipment we manufacture. The stakes are simply too high. However, with a history of success spanning more than 40 years, we can confidently say that we’ve never let our clients down and we’ve never given them any reason to doubt our ability to deliver. . Go to Goldline International to see why our competitors are always playing catch-up with us.

There is a lot that goes into making a company a pacesetter in a competitive industry and in our case, the fact that a number of our clients have never had to replace any of the equipment they bought from us decades ago is testimony to the fact that you can always count on us to deliver beyond your expectations.

Our range of products include safety cages, pipe bridges, safe walks, loading racks, mobile racks and other petrochemical handling equipment. We have invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure that each equipment that comes from us is of the highest quality and is absolutely flawless. Not only do we adhere to the regulatory standards set courtesy of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act), but we have always taken it upon ourselves to better the standards set as threshold. For example, we introduced the safety cages even before the OSHA Act came into existence. Being the professionals that we are, we are also allied to leading professional construction associations and the quality of our products is usually referenced against the standards recommended by the bodies.

In appreciation for the values of time in doing business, we always work with speed to ensure that we do not delay our clients. Even in case of new installations at your premises, you can count on us to ensure that the down-time is minimized as much as possible. From the moment we receive an order from a client, we always get down to work immediately to ensure that the delivery is made as scheduled and without any excuses whatsoever. Visit our website and get a free quotation from us today or call us in case of any questions and you will be on your way to get the very best petrochemical handling equipment.

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